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The stakes rise even higher in ‘The Walking Dead: Compendium Three’

walking dead compendium

Because this is 'The Walking Dead,' a much-beloved character dies. And every time things start to look up for our heroes, the situation quickly gets worse than they had imagined. The more capable the group becomes, the greater the scope of dangers they face. Writer Robert Kirkman really excels at upping the stakes and the tension. And 48 issues in one volume makes 'The Walking Dead Compendium Three' a must-have for TWD fans.

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The Walking Dead S4 E8 – “Too Far Gone” | Review


Flaws aside, “Too Far Gone” was a great TWD episode. It struck a balance of action, plot, and character development, and—unlike with the midseason finales of Seasons 2 and 3—there’s really no predicting where the second half of Season 4 will pick up. The wait for the next episode will not be an easy one.

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