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The stakes rise even higher in ‘The Walking Dead: Compendium Three’

walking dead compendium

Because this is 'The Walking Dead,' a much-beloved character dies. And every time things start to look up for our heroes, the situation quickly gets worse than they had imagined. The more capable the group becomes, the greater the scope of dangers they face. Writer Robert Kirkman really excels at upping the stakes and the tension. And 48 issues in one volume makes 'The Walking Dead Compendium Three' a must-have for TWD fans.

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[Infographic] Evolution of the Zombie

Zombies are everywhere these days. From the popularity of 'The Walking Dead' to Brad Pitt's summer blockbuster 'World War Z,' you'd have to be from the Land of the Dead yourself to be unaware of this trend. But just when did zombies become a popular horror trope and when did they become such a big part of our cultural awareness?

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World War Z – Review


'World War Z' has the star, the budget, the scope; all it needs is a smarter script and the will to be better. Done correctly, zombie movies don’t need ripped throats and smashed heads to be good, but they do need guts and brains.

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Why People Love the Zombie Apocalypse


The truth is people really don’t love the idea of a zombie apocalypse. They only think they do, and largely because of the way the Zombie Scenario is presented to us. In this post, I’ll talk about the things that make the Zombie Apocalypse Scenario so attractive and more appealing than other apocalyptic scenarios.

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