The best convention cosplay of 2013

Briana Darling as Batgirl, Stephanie Brown version (via: DC Planet)

I wanted to compile a year-end album of some of the best cosplay from 2013, so for days I have combed through hundreds of photos taken at the year’s biggest cons on dozens of websites and blogs.

Obviously, my choices are purely subjective and there were a lot that I didn’t include simply for lack of space. And I know there’s a lot of amazing cosplay that I’ve missed. Even some of my own personal favorite cosplayers aren’t here and it’s not because their cosplay this year wasn’t good. It’s just because there’s just so much out there nowadays that there’s no way I can stay on top of it all.

For this particular album I’ve only included cosplay displayed and photographed at various cons. This is because studio cosplay photography can be lit, altered and manipulated in various ways and as such are their own separate category. Some of the best cosplay can be seen in studio photography but it’s not fair to compare it with convention cosplay.

I’ve made my best efforts to track down the names or pseudonyms of these cosplayers and their photographers. But the Internet, blogging and social media being what they are these days, I haven’t been able to provide credits for everyone. (So if you happen to know the names of those who remain uncredited here, please let me know in the Comments section below and I’ll add their names in).


Often, my favorite cosplays are the simplest ones and a classic character well done never gets old.  It’s not about how elaborate the cosplay is but how well it brings the character to life in various ways.

(Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image and credits.)


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Cosplay that made my jaw drop.

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Nothing quite like an inventive mash-up.


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The first Iron Man “cosplay” here made me laugh out loud for like ten seconds straight.


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Wait, wuh? Walter White by Bryan Cranston?!

That’s right. In the single most awesome cosplay moment this year, the actor walked around San Diego Comic Con dressed as Walter White complete with a rubber Walter White mask, meeting fans and taking pictures without them ever realizing they were taking pictures with Bryan Cranston.

Why the mask? Because he didn’t want people to realize it was actually him until he was ready to reveal himself, and also because his natural appearance by that point didn’t look so much like the beloved meth kingpin anymore. Landon Meier, creator of the mask, told Business Insider that he walked around with Cranston and people would marvel and say things like, “You even sound like Bryan Cranston!”

(via: Gawker)
(via: Business Insider)


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  1. I want to give those dogs a treat for putting up with us humans and our weird ways! Also, is that Link corgi wearing an R2D2 collar??

  2. I am so honored to be chosen, Thank you so much!

    Thats me in the Amidala!
    Hello my name is Dawn Bright
    I made the entire costume from scratch, I even went as far as to create some of the material in the dress to try and get it as close to thee original as possible! 🙂
    Thats my tutorial on how i sewed the entire gown

    Have a great day!

    • Hi @dawnbright:disqus, thanks for this message. I’ll definitely update the caption to show your name right away. For each cosplayer here I tried checking numerous sources but for some of these folks, none of the sources had any proper credits. But, anyway, yes, your costume was amazing!

  3. Great article! But have you seen the Yaya Han Jessica Rabbit? (although it’s 2012)

    • The Pop Mythologist

      Hey, Boom Boom, yeah, Yaya Han is definitely one of the most famous cosplayers. I might have seen her Jessica Rabbit, don’t remember for sure. I’ll Google it! 🙂

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