The geeky pleasures shop helps geeks to look the part


Are you in the market for a snazzy bow tie, a stylish wristlet, or a new coin purse but are sick of the boring design options available at regular stores? Do you want to look good, but give a subtle geeky flair to your accessories? Look no further.

Brought to you by Jules Sherred, the creator of the Jules Sherred’s Geeky Pleasures radio show and website, the Geeky Pleasures Shop is now open for business.

The site already offers a bunch of great items – including dice bags, phone and tablet covers, and the aforementioned bow ties, wristlets, and coin purses – with the promise of more options on the way. Each item is available in multiple fabrics, so customers can choose their favorites and order. The fabrics span multiple fandoms, so every kind of sci-fi and fantasy fan is sure to find something they’ll like.


The website not only has items to buy but other perks as well. The Featured Item of the Month is 20% off. Customers have the option of joining an [Item] of the Month Club, with discounted prices for the items being bought. Subscribing to the Geeky Pleasures Newsletter gets you coupons, information on deals for the month, and enters you into a monthly drawing for a free item.

For those who are interested in patronage, the Geeky Pleasures Shop also has a Patreon site. Patronage has perks like more exclusive information, gift cards, additional drawings, and the ability to give suggestions about new products.

With all these great items, the Geeky Pleasures Shop is sure to please you or anyone you’ll be giving the gift of geeky accessories to. Head over and check it out today!

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Jessica Gibson
Jessica is a Midwestern girl living in the outskirts of Seoul. In between teaching classes and meeting friends, she likes movies, traveling, and fighting her cat for the warm spot in front of the space heater.

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