Bond with spy kids in ‘Illegitimates’ | review

(IDW Publishing)

Oh wow. IDW, you rock. THIS is why I read comics.

Comics have the capacity to be completely innovative, or to take an already existing franchise and re-invent it. The limitations being only the writer’s imagination paired with the talent of a skilled artist.

In IDW’s Illegitimates #1, it’s the concept that completely blows me away. You might remember a certain super spy with a proclivity for getting himself out of dangerous situations that somehow involves winding up with another female super spy? I’m not mentioning his name, but I hope that’s ringing some bells. Cementing some bonds perhaps?

Now, If you think birds and bees, what happens when a daddy super spy and a mummy super spy love each other a whole lot? Super-spy kids of course!

(IDW Publishing)

They would all share some of Daddy’s traits. So, what if they formed a team of special operatives that answered to Daddy’s bosses in the event of his untimely but inevitable demise? They would possess some of his fighting abilities, investigative talents, or other espionage related expertise. This is why British Intelligence (with a little assistance from American know-how) hedges its bets, and creates the environment for these progeny to develop their talents further. Just in case they’re needed.

I know , right?

Only a comic could provide the environment for this concept to flourish. Mega kudos should go to co-writers Taran Killam and Marc Andreyko for bringing this idea to fruition. Of course, there’s no way I’d leave out the incredible pencilling talent of Kevin Sharpe who brought this vision to life. This is the way 20th century cold war spy stuff enters the new millennium: fathered by Project Sire.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so entertained by the first issue of a comic. It completely captures the dynamics and romance of the spy movies I grew up watching, but reinvents the concept for a new generation. The book was a complete thrill-ride. I’m hooked, and can’t wait for Issue #2!

IDW, you’ve done it again.


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