The Ivy Doomkitty 2016 calendar makes us look forward to the future

doom kitty 2016 calendar cover

At Pop Mythology we’re not exactly experts of cosplay but we do know what we like (hehe), and one of our favorite cosplayers around is without a doubt the wonderful Ivy Doomkitty.

Look, it’s not just because she’s hot or even because she’s a skilled cosplayer. It’s because of her gracious personality, honesty and openness (check out our article about her), qualities that always win us over in an artist. As such, if we can help support her in our own humble way (not that she needs it) then we’re certainly game.

Right now Doomkitty’s new 2016 calendar is available for sale, and from what we can glean, copies of this are seriously selling like hotcakes, and a bundle that includes the calendar plus a print has already sold out. But the calendar by itself is still available so hurry up and get yours!

What, you need more reasons? Uh, yeah, we can give you a few:

doom kitty 2016 calendar

Note: The following images are not the same as those included in the calendar but the outfits are among the same. You can also order the prints below separately at Ivy Doomkitty’s store.

ivy doomkitty print (1) ivy doomkitty print (2) ivy doomkitty print (3) ivy doomkitty print (4) ivy doomkitty print (5)

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