The whole Peanuts gang is back in a brand new movie trailer

peanuts movie trailer
(20th Century Fox)

As someone whose favorite characters often tend to be those for whom luck just isn’t on their side, I’m pleased to see that based on the brand new trailer for The Peanuts Movie, it appears that the story will revolve around lovable Charlie Brown’s perennial quest to not let his chronic bad luck keep him down.

Visually, the trailer offers much more to get excited about than the initial teaser from last year, combining Schulz’s trademark two-dimensional look with vivid textures and a rich three-dimensional environment while remaining true to the classic, iconic look of the characters.

If you grew up on Peanuts like I did, you just might find your eyes getting a bit moist as the trailer touches something from those easier, more carefree days of your childhood.

Let’s watch:

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