We xox Meri Amber’s new single ‘I XOX U’


Still hot off the heels of her last album, the Super EP (see review), geek pop musician Meri Amber has been starting off 2015 with a flurry of new videos and cover songs. But today she released her first official single, the wickedly clever “I XOX U,” a song written entirely with emojis and texting shorthand.

Helpfully, Amber has provided the “lyrics” to this new song as typed out on her phone (see above image) and assures us that they form a coherent message if you decipher the meanings behind the literal reading of the emojis. So using the simplest example, when she says, “I heart heart heart heart heart U,” that would obviously mean “I love love love love love you.”

But unless you’re a teenager or into cryptography, it’s also cool to just listen to and enjoy the song which, by the way, you can also download and proudly own your own copy of and, in the process, support a brilliant indie artist that we at Pop Mythology are big ol’ geeky fans of.

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  1. What a lovely blog about Meri Amber IXOX U song. I love the article and the song.

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