Win a bunch of free albums by voting for Canada’s coolest and geekiest indie bands

Geek culture is no longer fringe so why should geek music have to be?

Join us in supporting indie geek musicians by voting for them in Searchlight, an online competition being held by CBC Radio (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to discover Canada’s hottest new musical talents.

Are we Canadian? Well, one of us is—our erudite comic writer Captain John Kirk. He introduced us to the band Debs & Errol with whom we’ve been having a wonderful relationship ever since. And that’s more than reason enough for us!

If supporting the cause of geek art and culture isn’t enough motivation for you, how’s this? FREE STUFF! Woo-hoo!

Not only is CBC itself giving away random prizes to voters, Debs & Errol and their geek compadres will also be giving away physical and mp3 copies of their albums in their own #VoteGeek contest. Here’s what you can win:

  • 1st Prize – A physical CD from each band listed below. They’ll even pitch in shipping!
  • 2nd Prize – A downloadable copy of an album from each band below.

How to Enter the #VoteGeek Contest

Here are the quick and easy steps:

1. Vote for each band below using the provided hyperlinks.

Vote Copy Red Leader – Tatooine Blues
Vote Kari Maaren – Kids These Days
Vote The Blast Processors – We Ride
Vote Press Start 2 Play – 8-Bit Memory
Vote Debs & Errol – Geek Love Song


2. After you’ve voted for them all, share or tweet this post page here on Facebook and/or Twitter.

When you share or tweet, be sure to use the hashtags #VoteGeek and #Searchlight AND tag Debs & Errol’s Facebook page or their Twitter accountotherwise they won’t know you’ve voted and you won’t be entered in the giveaway contest.

To make this extra easy for Twitter, we’ve prepared your tweet for you! Just click this button:

Tweet: #VoteGeek for cool indie geek bands like @debsanderrol in @CBCMusic's #Spotlight contest and win FREE stuff!

Please Note:

• You can vote for each band once a day and share/tweet as often as you want.

• The winners will be selected using a combination of voting and influence, meaning Errol is going to keep track of how often you share/tweet and how much your tweets get retweeted.  (This will keep him very busy but it’s okay, he doesn’t do anything else at his job anyway except take pictures of food and Totoro dolls.)

• The more you vote, share and tweet the more chances you have to win those awesome albums.

Geeks of the world, unite and take over! 


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