Winners of Millarworld talent search have been announced

Back in September we posted an announcement that Mark Millar was holding a talent search for new artists and writers. The response was massive, and Millarworld received tons of submissions from as-of-yet undiscovered talent looking for their big break.

Well, the wait is over and the results have been posted just now on the Millarworld site.

If you simply cannot wait to click to see the results, here they are:

COVER – Satine Zillah

Kick-Ass – Writer Ricardo Mo/ Artist Ifesinachi Orjiekwe
Kingsman – Writer Philip Huxley/ Artist Myron Macklin
Starlight – Writer Deniz Camp/ Artist Prancheta Banerjee
American Jesus – Writer Cliff Bumgardiner/ Artist Steve Beach
Chrononauts – Writer Shawn Brill/ Artist Conor Hughes
Hit-Girl – Writer Mark Abnett/ Artist Osgur Yildirim

Writes Millar about the sheer number of submissions he and his associates got:

“We had around 1500 entries if I recall and I’m so blown away by the quality. The last week I’ve done nothing except read them and mull things over, trying to pick the final winners. The standard was so much higher than I expected and the budding creators truly international. Less than a third came from the US or UK and this was incredible. Totally unexpected.”

Congratulations to all the winners, and to those who didn’t win, don’t lose heart! Read Mark’s post as he himself says to not get discouraged. Keep creating so long as it fills you with joy. And don’t give up!

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