The winners of Pop Mythology’s 1st annual Mythies Awards


Last week we opened the polls for our very first, very own awards ceremony, the Mythies, celebrating the best in genre movies and fringe movie categories not likely to be honored by other awards ceremonies.

Well, our readers have spoken and the results are in. As we were tallying the votes we noticed a few things.

First, in a few categories, the race was very close, even requiring a tie-breaker in the case of Best Cameo, between Chris Evans and Channing Tatum.

The next thing we noticed was that most of the winners are the female nominees—probably just a coincidence but it’s interesting anyway.

And finally, in a some categories, the victors won by staggering margins. Chloe Grace Moretz and Jennifer Lawrence: all we can say is you two sure do have a lot of dedicated fans! Anything connected to you guys at all won in its respective category by a landslide (Kick-Ass 2, Carrie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire).

Unfortunately, as much as we wish we could, we don’t have any physical trophies or prizes that we can offer—yet.

However, we offer you this:

Our site’s readership is comprised largely of feverishly devoted nerds and geeks. And you know what a discriminating audience they are. So if you’ve won a Mythie that means you’ve won the nerds’ seal of approval for your work, and doesn’t that count for something?

We think it does. Here are the winners.


*All winner/trophy images by Anthony Nowicke

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Jess Kroll
Jess Kroll is a novelist and university professor born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and based in Daegu, South Korea. He has been writing film reviews since 2004 and has been exclusive to Pop Mythology since 2012. His novels include 'Land of Smiles' from Monsoon Books and young adult series 'The One' and 'Werewolf Council' from Epic Press.


  1. Where is the Wolf of Wall Street on “Best book adaptation” ?
    Carrie best remake, did you seen Evil Dead ?

    I think you forgot to see a bunch of great movies in 2013.

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