93% would rather live in a zombie apocalypse than a ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ dystopia

In a poll taken by the official Twitter account for The Walking Dead franchise, people were asked whether they’d live in a zombie apocalypse or a Handmaid’s Tale-like dystopia. A whopping 93% reported back that they’d rather spend their days perpetually on the run from flesh-eating zombies than live in the world depicted in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Now, it’s unclear whether most of the people who answered that they preferred the zombie apocalypse did so because they thought that it would be fun (hint: it wouldn’t be) or because they thought it would be a genuinely less nightmarish scenario than living under a theocratic totalitarian regime. Enthusiastic responses like this one from a fan suggest the former:

But there were some sobering responses as well, ones that reminded people that, yes, indeed a Handmaid’s Tale dystopia really would be worse in some ways than a world overrun by zombies:

And these:

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