The Light Side of the Dark Side: Sithism as a path for good

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  “We are not your Sith. We are something new, a chance to do something right. A new tribe.” —Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories (Star Wars Legends) [Note: This is post #1 in a series of posts.]   The Light Side of the Dark Side: Lightsided Sithism as a Path for Good will be a series of posts about how to use and apply Sith aesthetics and symbolism from the Star Wars mythos for the purposes of productively harnessing the single greatest source of challenge, without exception, for all living human beings: that which we traditionally call the negative emotions. More precisely, the idea is to take something which is usually seen as undesirable, and yet is inevitable (i.e. negative emotions and feelings) and channel them towards the purposes of becoming more productive and, ideally, going beyond mere productivity and doing some good on this earth....
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