Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 11/22/2017

There are always moments in time you wish you could go back and change. It’s such a universal constant of the human condition and it makes for really good stories. This is a handy, because that’s exactly the theme for this week’s review of comic titles. Huh … who would …

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Captain Kirk’s weekly comic review – 11/01/2017

You know, I’m racing against time here. After all, October 31 is the night when ghouls and goblins conspire to raise all sorts of hell on my street, and as a good community member, it’s up to me to dress accordingly in my Knights’ Templar outfit and brandish my four-foot, …

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Captain Kirk’s weekly comic review – 10/11/2017

Yeah, it’s a perfect Star Trek storm this week with all of IDW’s Trek titles hitting the shelves all at once. While this would have delighted the adolescent in me, the grizzled comic veteran now has to pick from his favourite children. Oh, boo-hoo. The Star Trek and comic geek …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 09/27/2017

Tuesday is the day in the week when one stands upon a precipice of hope, but the middle of the week offers little respite to the dreary-minded simply holding out for the weekend. To the rescue? This week’s selection of comics. Every weekend I curate a list of books that will …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 09/06/2017

kingsman red diamond thumbnail

There are some moments at comic conventions that completely go unappreciated and overlooked. Fan Expo Canada was like that. While there were some things that didn’t work out for me this past weekend, there were still some moments that were priceless and memorable and needed to recognized. I was actually …

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Captain Kirk’s Weekly Comic Review – 08/16/2017

I think the most worthwhile thing about writing this column is that I’m not restricted to reading one milieu. Variety really is the spice of life and it’s what makes life interesting. I read a variety of comics and while I enjoy the super-hero genre, I also enjoy comics that …

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